How was your Easter? Our Easter celebrations were overflowing with people.  Many of the attendees I regret to say are CEOs, (Christmas and Easter Only.)  It is good that they attended, but what can we do to encourage them to attend services more often.  First, we can pray for them. Then we can ask God what we can do to inspire them to frequently attend.  We can invite them to attend with us.  Offer to drive them or meet them afterwards for breakfast.

Looking back, did you meet your Lenten intentions. What could you have done better?

“If it was illegal to be a Christian, would you be accused?”  Would your neighbors suspect you are one? Do we keep our “light” hidden under a basket?  Do you act like a Christian when you are driving, or when you get poor service? Is there enough evidence to convict you?

The Apostles ran when Jesus was arrested. After the Resurrection and Ascension, they were still afraid and hid in the locked upper room.  At Pentecost the Holy Spirit gave them the courage to proclaim the Gospel.  That very day thousands were converted.

All four Gospels and The Acts of the Apostles state we should go and share the good news of Jesus Christ.  What can we do to be more Christ like?  Share the Gospel, use words if necessary.

Love in Christ Jesus


Deacon Hugh Muller

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