On Sunday, March 27th, St. Peter the Apostle Conference had a luncheon to celebrate the annual recommitment each Vincentian makes for their service to the poor, officiated by Father Roger Hessian. During the luncheon, eleven Vincentians were honored as Jubilarians who have given years of compassion to the poor. Each Jubilarian was awarded a special Jubilarian crucifix and certificate while their individual words of wisdom were read aloud. This ceremony provided great inspiration to all who attended.

Another meaningful part of the luncheon program was a presentation by a former neighbor Dr. Julie Asuzu who credited SVdP with part of her current success. Her story highlighted struggles, the benefits of patience and persistence, helping hands and the presence of great faith in God. Dr. Asuzu validated all of the efforts SVdP make for substantive changes in lives, adding more inspiration for the luncheon’s attendees.


Dr. Julie Asuzu

Dr. Julie Asuzu speaks at Vincentian Recommitment Luncheon

Denis Dugan and Fr. Roger Hessian

Denis Dugan and Fr. Roger Hessian

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