The struggles of our time seem to be a prevalent topic these days, both at work and in social engagements.  Amid discussions of conflict, economic crisis, rising gas prices, and social instability, how can we not all be on the edge of our seats waiting for the next shoe to drop? However, we must never forget that throughout these times there is always hope for peace and abundance with optimism to look forward into the future.

We here at St. Vincent de Paul are looking to the future, as well as dealing with the current realities.  In order to do that we must look at what is happening now.

  • There is a shortage of individuals in the workforce.
  • There are rising housing prices and rents.
  • There are rising food prices.
  • There are rising gas prices.

What does all this mean for the people whom St. Vincent de Paul serves?  It means if you have a mediocre to low-paying position, it costs more money to go to work.  With understaffing of employees, it means longer hours at your job which may or may not mean more money depending on your occupation.  With less time at home, it also means higher daycare bills, needing to eat more meals out, and making sure your family eats while you are away at work.  It means, when you do get to the grocery, it costs more to buy nutritionally based food which will leave you with less money to pay for utilities and gas to go to work.  By the time you have overspent on all of these items just to go to work, you don’t have enough money to pay the rent or the mortgage thereby leaving you vulnerable to eviction or utility disconnection.  Most people in these income brackets are left to choose between whether they can skip the kids’ breakfast, walk to work, make nutrient-deficient meals for dinner, or extend their utility bills till next month in order to survive until payday the next week.  Let’s not even discuss whether the kids or themselves need a new pair of shoes or a new uniform for school or work, or the car breaks down.  There are no reserves to pull from to get other necessities.

So, after that exhausting thought, what does St. Vincent hope for the future?  We are hoping to be able to serve more individuals in our Choice Pantry to help with both their nutrition and hygiene needs.  We are hoping to offer expanded services in our Meals On Wheels program, as well as expand Meals On Wheels territories in order to help more people in Collier County.  We are hoping to help more individuals to stay in their homes during these difficult moments.  We are hoping to educate those we serve with both big and small life skills to help them save, budget, and cut down on their expenses in healthy and meaningful ways which will instill lifelong habits.

We want to tell everyone that we are concerned for the world around us, as well as our immediate communities and St. Vincent de Paul provides… hope, food, housing, etc.

If you would like to help us in providing Hope, please let us know.  You can volunteer, make in-kind clothing and furniture donations to our thrift stores or you can help us achieve our mission by helping with a financial donation.   All is appreciated.

We here at St. Vincent de Paul hope for peace in the world, peace in our workplace, and peace in our homes.

Kimberly Schul
Executive Director
St. Vincent de Paul Society,
Naples District Council, Inc. 

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