Thieves in Collier County targeted a nonprofit organization that gives back to its community. Crooks took catalytic converters from several trucks outside of Saint Vincent Thrift Store near East Naples.

St. Vincent DePaul says those trucks drive their mission. From picking up donations to conducting food drives, the trucks are how it’s done. But, last week, someone cut the catalytic converters off of three trucks.

Not only did someone steal from a nonprofit, but it left them with thousands of dollars worth of repairs to handle. Kim Schul is the executive director for St. Vincent De Paul. “The catalytic converters were literally cut off very cleanly out of all three trucks,” Schul said.

Yes, you heard that correctly. These thieves hit all three trucks. “That was a little mind-boggling. You know that this would happen,” said Schul.

The cost to repair these three trucks? Between $3,800 and $4,800 per truck.

And, it can take anywhere between two weeks and two months to complete repairs. 

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